Official WKF Rules

KATA: All Divisions

  1. May perform any kata.
  2. Tiebreaker kata, if necessary, must be a different kata. Only beginner division may be same kata for tiebreaker.

KUMITE: WKF Rules with the following modifications:

  1. All juniors: 1 1/2 minutes stop time, 8 point ceiling (first to acquire 8 points wins).
  2. Juniors 14 & under: Face contact must be penalized.
  3. Juniors 15-17: Face contact will not score and may be penalized.
  4. Adults (except 18-34 advanced): 2 minutes stop time, 8 point ceiling. WKF Rules for adult advanced divisions 18-34.

KOBUDO: All Divisions

All weapons will be subject to inspection by judges before competition. Modified weapons or weapons that do not meet tournament criteria may not be used in competition. 6 ft. Bo must weigh at least 900 grams. (NO toothpick Bo’s)

Weapons must remain in the competitor’s hands at all times. Loss of control will result in disqualification.

Complete WKF Rules